Friday, February 26, 2010

I have figured it out. Except, I forgot it. Honestly, I did know it because I poured it, then I drank it and I even washed it when it came back up and over everything. I think, or is it thunk. Maybe it was a flashback to 1985, or maybe it is the serial electrical pop-storm of dementia burning its way down the lit fuse to ingnite the dynamite of all female storms....FORCE FIVE HORMONAL STORM...EVACUATE, small children hide, husbands stay in the bathroom, and everyone will be

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Violet Cadburry said...

not really proficient at this yet, so was bundled, cut off and published before I could say "whhadaa doiinnn." Anywho, finishing the last sentence was my intention, however, that synapse failed between then and now.