Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello again, dear blogsters! I have been to hell and back in the last nine months and will tell all and sundry most everything about it, and the parts I won't fess up to will be couched in the treacle art of parody. Alas and Alack, my treasured D5000 was purloined by a most swarthy villian. I didn't witness the theft, however, only a swarthy villian would have failed to telephone me after having found my bulging NIKON camera case, and a person would have to be blind and fingertip-less to miss my business card so prominently attached to each side of the camera case -- and what blind person would steal a camera anyway, it couldn't possibly be within their line of sight. I also know my camera wasn't taken by a hurricane and deposited in the land of Oz, as I have consulted Tarot and eliminated that concern. So, no pics with this post. However, I did want to pass on some useful information...GO SEE THE KING'S SPEECH. Loved it. No gratuitous sex or violence, only the repressed British kind. And, when Colin Firth says "Fuck," I felt an immense thrill taking me back to the first time I screamed "Fuck." Wow, it was truly orgasmic. So, I am sending out my pictureless post into the oblivion of the cyberworld. Hello, anybody out there?